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Jamar Wilson

"I have been playing the game of basketball for over 25 years. Never have I ever along my journey met someone as adept to demonstrate how footwork mechanics and body positioning relate to the game. Michael is a "master" of footwork and attacking angles at any position on the court. Working with Michael during my off-seasons have always given me an edge. His innovative techniques of implementing concepts into workouts has always kept the sessions fun and unique. He is the best trainer that I have worked with hands down!"

- 11 yr. Pro & Member of Finland National Team

Lance Thomas

“No one has a stronger passion for getting players better than Michael Rossetti. His knowledge for the game and infatuation for improving his clients is indisputable! He really helped me develop my offensive game. I will be returning to 3d Athletics this off-season, continuing to add versatility to my overall game.”

- 8 yr. Pro & Former Member of the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, & New Orleans Pelicans