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Workouts Set to Begin (Pending Final Confirmation)

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With New York State awaiting its re-opening phase set to begin late this Spring, we will be following our own safety measures for training at our facility. Pending final confirmation from the state on re-opening. 

Pending Final NYS Approval: Tentative schedule to be followed upon confirmation of NYS

14 Day Phase In: Once workouts are set to begin, our first 14 days will consist of 1:1 Private Training ONLY to control the size of the crowds in our facility and maintain a safe and healthy environment to operate. 

Phase 1 - 14 consecutive days of 1:1 Private Training ONLY with a 3d Athletics trainer

Phase 2 - Groups will begin to take place assuming that the safety and recommendations from NYS allow for small groups to resume

Phase 3 - Transition period into our NEW programs

Selected programs will be made up from pre-Covid on dates to be confirmed once we have clarity on a date to resume training. 

More information will be sent via e-mail for all NEW programs set to take place late this Spring and/or early Summer. 

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Please note that our staff requires advanced sign-in prior to all sessions listed in our schedule. Contact for more information.