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Small Group Training Sessions

Beginning March 2019, 3d Athletics will be offering our NEW and improved programs. Contact Michael Rossetti at for more information. 

Sessions will be offered throughout the weekdays for a variety of levels and/or age groups and genders. Players will progress through an age-appropriate session that will cater to their specific needs throughout the entirety of the workout.

  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • 12 Player Maximum Per Group 
  • MANDATORY Sign-In Prior to ALL Sessions
  • Held 2x Per Week
  • Middle School & High School Workouts Provided

Groups that will be offered will be listed below. All descriptions are provided on the Mindbody App along with our branded 3d Athletics App found in the App Store. 

We strongly urge our clients to book the appropriate session that meets their respective level. Our goal has been to enhance the training experience to create an optimized hour for ALL players!

  • Beginner's Workout (Held 1x Weekly)
  • Middle School Group I
  • Middle School Group II
  • High School Group I
  • High School Group II

Days that list Call to Book on our schedule are subject to our staff creating Special Events, 1:1 Private Training, Invite Sessions, etc... We will be utilizing Fridays and Sundays to carve out special requests that we continue to receive from our loyal group of clients. 

Please contact via e-mail at for more information.