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Baskets for Baby Fundraiser

Baskets for Baby Fundraiser

$ 10.00

Date: January 19, 2020

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Price: $15/Participant

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3d Athletics and community are joining together this holiday season and hosting a Shoot-a-Thon in support of the Andrejkovics family. The event will take place on Sunday, January 19th.

During the event every athlete will shoot 50 free throws.  We are looking for sponsors for each MADE free throw. You can PLEDGE a flat fee as well!

The Top 3 performers will receive a prize from 3d Athletics for your efforts in helping this cause!

I have been fortunate to work with Olivia Clyde, sister of Kim Andrejkovics, in our basketball training program over the past year and a half. Olivia has attended several of our programs including 1:1 Private Training, Weekend Group Classes, 3-v-3 Train & Play, and our Spring 2019 Girls Team.

Kim and Paul Andrejkovics are expecting a baby boy this coming February. Their baby boy has 4 moderate to severe heart defects that would require the first open-heart surgery (total of 3-4 within the first three years) within the first week of his life. They were referred to a hospital 2 hours from their home. The specialists there are experts in pediatric, cardiothoracic surgery. There are none closer to home.

Kim is a social worker and Paul is a High School Special Education teacher. They will need extended time off from work as well as a place to stay nearby the hospital while their little one undergoes his first open-heart surgery. Luckily, they have insurance but the co-pays will be expensive. Multiple hospitalizations, lodging away from home while the little one is in the Neonatal ICU, co-pays for visits, medications, equipment, homecare, formulas and other needs that cannot be known at this time. We ask you help for whatever it takes to get Baby A and Mom and Dad through this 2-3 year journey to health!

Please help us reach our goal!

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